Geiri is old school. He studied photography and multimedia while film was still the norm (about a 100 years ago or so) and still picks up his film cameras when he feels like it, or even when the work calls for it - whether it is by request or artistic approach to the subject.

Geiri has a BA from PTS and has taken on interns from the scandinavian countries in the last few years.

Geiri works as a project manager with Pressphotos in Iceland as well as a photojournalist. In between he takes on work in commercial, portrait, studio and concert photography.

Geiri started doing commercial photography at an advertising agency, where he also did layout design and scanning work for a while before he went on to specialize in post-production and multimedia. He worked at multimedia firm Gagarín in Iceland, Spirent plc in the UK, Faroese national broadcaster Kringvarp along with other respected institutions.


Geirix has worked for Corbis, Reuters, Splash News, Pressphotos and many more, with his photographs being featured both in newspapers and magazines all over the world.

His photos have been in New York Times, Sunday Times, Le Monde, Washington Post, Financial Times as well as Fortune and Newsweek magazines etc...


Geirix has been part of a number of exhibitions, both independent and groups as well as co-authoring a book.
His work is often featured in media, both in Iceland and abroad.

2010 - Café Babalú (Group)
2011 - KODDU artshow - Grandi (Group exhibition)
2012 - Hótel Borg/Gallerí Fold - Charity auction/exhibit for the late Ingólfur Júlíusson (Reuters) who was battling leukemia (Group exhibition)
2014 (May) - Tjarnarbíó - "Á nærfötunum: Hin hliðin á íslenskum stjórnmálamönnum" (Independent exhibition)
2014 (December) - Gallerí Fold - "Hnýsni" (Independent exhibition)
2015 (August) - Reykjavík Pride - Large signs on Skólavörðustígur (Independent exhibition)
2015 (August) - Reykjavík Pride - Reykjavik City Hall (Group exhibition)
2015 (October) - Gallerí Fold - "JB show" (2 supporting photos for main exhibition)

In the media:
"Naked politicians" [link]
Hnýsni exhibition [link]
"Nakinn á toppnum" [link]
"Sjómann fyrir Ingó" [link]
"Hinsegin Gerix" [link]
"Fóru yfir sögu Hinsegin daga í ráðhúsinu" [link]

2012 - iFólk - Electronic book for iPad (Co authored with Höskuldur Þór Höskuldsson) [link]
2016 - Alþingi - Photo in the book Alþingi? by fmr MP Þór Saari


Geiri has 4 exhibits scheduled for this year. Information will be posted here when details are available.